Word Murder

by Nick Malburg

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Steve L. Wicked good folk/punk jams from the best dude I know.
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released April 1, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Nick Malburg in his apartment during winter 2012/2013. Mixed and edited by Steve Lewis and Nick Malburg. Cover art/insert design by Steve Lewis.



all rights reserved


Nick Malburg Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Songs about a lack of answers in my brain, music, beer and fun. Support DIY Music and Live Music in your local scene. PITTSBURGH, PA

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Track Name: Catch 22
Life’s not a catch 22. It’s an endless racetrack. You can circle, and you can circle, and before you know it, you’re back. Except this time the problem’s different, the scenario has changed! The complexity has increased and it’s now a different game. For me, the balance stays the same—no movement up or down. Consistency in how you act is what makes the world go ‘round. You can over think and under think until your head’s a hot balloon. But remember you are human, what you really need is food. And love. And purpose. And direction. In life and death, this balance is your only protection. Between pillars of knowledge I have shrunk and chose the arts because creation matters—it is how I do my part. I’ve never solved a problem or helped reverse a curse, but I sure as hell never killed no one or made these matters worse. To counteract all the destruction I will poorly write a song. It’s nothing in the scheme of things but it helps me get along. And right now as I am singing this I’m not hurting or improving, but I’ve created an outlet to maintain the equilibrium—a conduit of hope to combat the growing fear that we’re not going to make it, not even one more year.
Track Name: 20 Years
He spends 20 years never going back. He spends 20 years afraid of the past. And everyone who knows him says he’s going to break. They can’t pretend that it’s ok while he hides behind past mistakes. And where’s the virtue of faking it? Even though he’s smiling he only wants to quit. And looking good and feeling it are never quite the same. If pretending means being strong then I think we’ve got it all wrong. And every single morning he wakes to meet the day. He puts on his makes and he hopes it goes away. He’d never choose a sad life over dying. He’d put a bullet in his head if it keeps him from crying. And I can only hope that he’s listening now. If he wants a life of happiness then we can show him how. First he’s got to get a drink, go on and take a sip and realize living in the past, well it ain’t worth two shits!
Track Name: Working/Living
We’ve worked away all the days we wished we’d saved. We’ve worked down our fingers to the bones with computers and with telephones. But what’s more important than the money that we’ve made? Now it’s saved and we’ve lost another day. The lines in your face are beginning to take shape. The time is flying faster and it’s becoming a race. But what’s at the finish line to make this all worth it? Wish I could quit, because I’m just so sick of this. But if working means we’re living then I guess we’re doing fine. It’s hard to make it feel less like a giant waste of time. My health is better now ‘cuz of the nickels and the times. I’m doing fine, ‘cuz money’s on my mind. So please make your pay from the eight hours a day. Take all that cash and then go stash it all away. Try not to drown in it—success is such a bore. But oh well, we all want a little more! Is it success? Is it living? Is it working for your meals? Is it worth it? Is it tiring? Is this how you’re supposed to feel? Are you hungry? Are you happy? Are you making it through? Will you go on? Are you broken? Are you working for your living? Are you working for you life?
Track Name: Realize You
I never wanted to put my foot on your path. To voice myself, to trip you up and then to watch you crash was not my plan this time. Though we may not agree, I will always support you and what you want to be. You’re running out of luck. Your religion is corrupt. You still have to hold yourself accountable for you and everything that you do, everything that you say. The decisions that you make affect me every day! Sound the trumpets and realize your own worth. Make your own decisions and life will somehow work. Deploy the army that’s in your heart. Life can be confusing but you’ll find your little part. And when the answer is hidden in a pill, swallow it down now just to taste the thrill but realize it can only save you from what you feel today. Reality is lurking to bite you in the ass! So go out and stop a crime. Oh no, go find the time. Each of us has the strength the change the path of anything. Realize you’re empty. Realize you’re broken. Realize you have the power to reverse the worst of this. Realize who you are. Realize you are loved. Realize that everyone wants to see you go on and on…
Track Name: Moving Song
I want to move to the city to have something to sing about, people to see, places to be, dreams to have dreams about; things to be scared of and a place to feel safe from them. I’ll share my corner with you in a place with a beautiful view. And the money will be tight but we’ll make the ends meet. I’ll get a second job if it means that we eat. We’ll find a little place and we’ll fight to feel free. Where the people gather that’s where we want to be. If the city proves to kill us, then we’ll move to the country with the sheep and the horses—have nature to nurture us; live off the land and sell fruit at the market. I’ll plow fifty acres and at night sit and marvel at the beauty and the glory and the mountains of peace; miles of quiet and dirty bare feet. The kids will grow old and feel safe from the world, but they’ll not know what’s out there until they’re sat down and told by their folks.
Track Name: Word Murder (Muckduck)
I’ve written words on top of more words, and they’ve been mixed up, and they have been lost. Now I sit back and try to relax, and let it unfold as the story is told. A good tune is all that I need. I’ve never said anything so complete as I have when I just let it be. Oh, this music is all that I need! And there have been times when I’ve tried to outshine the notes on the page with the words in my mind. Though I have fought, it’s always a loss with terrible rhymes and even worse time. For trying to be quiet I sure do seem to talk a lot. If words could murder music then you better go and call the cops. There’s confusion in my bones and contradiction in my veins, so the words that come out of my mouth are just pieces of the same.
Track Name: Who Cares?
There was a little boy who taught me everything he knew. When presented with a challenge he showed me what to do. For all of life’s decisions put your hands up in the air, look in your mother’s eyes and then just tell her, “who cares?” If there’s one last thing you’ve got to see it’s when to fight and when to flee. You’ve got to pick your battles accordingly and let your motto be, “who cares?” In this endless sea of politics be careful not to try. It’s not exactly nihilism—just know the reason why. Why everyone who’s fighting for it never breathes fresh air. Because there’s not solution just remember, “who cares?” Weighing out the pros and cons only makes sense to your pen. Actions don’t agree with words. We’re all losers in the end.